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Neither recap nor analysis, just random notes as they strike.

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Just rewatched “Pilot” because it was that time. I’d held out this long. So many great little moments.

Two things:

* I really, really love the conversation between Broyles and Olivia about the Pattern. (I prefer to think of his crappy behavior previously in the episode as a test of her resolve.)

* I really, really want AU where John quietly kills Steig, goes back to his hospital bed, and subsequently joins Fringe Division. (Bonus if Olivia found the tape and is trying to investigate him at the same time, hoping she’d misunderstood.)


I’m not crying, it’s just raining on my face T_______T

Imma just gonna try to ignore the implications of this pic and just think about the height difference and what that means when they kiss


5 second cranky pants review:

The best thing about that episode was the preview for next week.